Overseeding & Nurturing the Young!

After months of planning we’ve finally managed to pull the trigger!

Last Friday was a good day for the Greenstaff here at Dunstanburgh, After months of planning we finally managed to get our overseeding project underway on our fairways. Months of colder weather and dry conditions has stalled this project now for a few months, but on Friday it seen contractors Turfcare Specialist’s get us underway. Turfcare are from here in the North East, they have a long standing relationship with the greenstaff and business here at Dunstanburgh with their wide range of machinery we were able to pick a machine best suited for the job and our undulating links fairways.

Its thirsty work all this, this is our new innovative way to water fairways..

Its thirsty work all this, this is our new innovative way to water fairways..


What is Overseeding you might ask?

Overseeding is a simple process of adding seeds to the Turf to improve its quality, appearance and density. When we overseed we Scatter/Drill grass seeds onto a pre-existing Turf Surface. Once the seed is established maintenance will be key for its health and survival.

The Next Steps

Now it seems like the exspensive part is done, the greenstaff need to follow the plan in place to give this seed the best chance of a) Germination b) Survival. There’s many different ways of doing the next part so instead of explaining I’ve listed some of the key things you will see the green staff doing.

Feeding - Apply a balanced fertiliser before or after seeding to encourage the grass shoots to grow. TICK - This process has already taken place, we’ve added a granular fertiliser and once seedlings start to appear we will further add a foliar feed straight to the leaf to aid establishment and survival.

Watering - Grass seed needs moisture to germinate. We will be watering immediately after overseeding “Or Praying for rain - And after months the weathers played ball”. Continuing watering for the first few weeks to ensure good germination and establishment. This is near an impossible process to carry out without rain with our current resources so above you can see our new fairway watering bowser, this machine sprays 5,000 litres of water per hectare giving us the perfect amount of moisture to aid and control germination and survival of our seedlings.

Mowing -. We will mow the areas more regularly but try not to remove more than a third of the growth at any one time. This will reduce the friction and stress on the young seedlings to hopefully allow them to continue to establish correctly. Our HOC (Height of Cut) is 12mm this may fluctuate over the next few weeks until the seed has established.

Overseeding Machine - Contractor Turfcare

Overseeding Machine - Contractor Turfcare

Above you can see the slit grooves made by the double disc seeder.

Above you can see the slit grooves made by the double disc seeder.

Below our seed of choice - Barenbrug Bar Fairway / Rye

This seed is designed for overseeding, divoting and renovating fairway areas, this balanced blend of medium-fine turf performs great in links soils and is extremely wear tolerant.


30% Perennial ryegrass

35% Strong creeping red fescue

15% Slender creeping red fescue

15% Chewings fescue

Charterhouse Double Disc Seeder

Charterhouse Double Disc Seeder

We’ve had some negative comments over the last couple of weeks from members, i can’t stress enough that we are doing as much as we can with our resources.

This week our Overseeding programme will roll towards Approaches, we have a few with slight damage from last year. The machine that was here 10 days ago couldn’t do this work as the weight and size of the machine could of caused damage to the existing surfaces.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the recent Overseeding work carried out on the fairways, this is much needed work but is a gamble with the unpredictable weather. Its yet again a great investment and backing towards the Greenkeeping Department from Proprietor Peter Gilbert.

We have some shorter blogs coming over the next few weeks, to keep you all informed of the progress.

Best Wishes

Stuart Imeson

Golf Course Manager

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