Winter Work Conclusion 18/19

Winter Work Conclusion 18/19

This edition to the Course News blog will be short and sweet, its to simply inform everyone that the winter improvement programme of works has been completed. Turf has been added to all areas of uncovered earth to give an instant finish to our winter improvement work. We’ve been experiencing some great warm weather and if it keeps up these areas will be in play extremely soon.

Bunkers & Seeding work


Above the grow sheet that is currently laying on the 8th Tee.

This will be removed over the next week and we are hoping to see some great results.

14th fiarway bunker1.jpg

14th Greenside almost ready for play

14th fairway bunker 2.jpg

All the new bunkers need the bases bowled and sand added. We have a programme of bunker maintenance and sand replenishing due to start very soon, and we hope to eliminate the vast inconsistency in some of our bunkers for the 2019 season.

Tee Work

12th ladies.jpg

The women’s tee on 12 has needed work for some time now, the tee has now doubled in size and its irrigation has been fully updated to an automatic pop-up sprinkler allowing us to water during the evening.


Scheduled Work

Over the next week we are planning to hollow core some poor areas including some approaches, we hope to overseed and top dress all of these areas after the renovation work, to promote some new growth and fill in our bare areas from the 2018 Season.

The Greens will be receiving a 8mm Solid tine to allow air and water movement through the surface, to promote root and leaf growth, top dressing and rolling will follow this will have a positive impact on playing conditions.

I hope everyone enjoys reading about the updates out on the golf course.

Until next time,

Best Wishes

Stuart Imeson

Golf Course Manager